The Missing Sock: A collection of poems

Written by S. Edwards

Published through Blurb publishing

 IBSN # - 9781034018957

Publish Date: Nov 03, 2020


Just as is with my passion for the visual arts, I  also have a fascination with literary art, play writing, historical lore and the performing arts.

Also as is with painting, I have been quite blessed and humbled by the ease with witch I create, honest, beautiful & passionate work. 

Since early grade school, I excelled in creative writing, and for a long time aspired to become an author of some sort.

For the past few years I have been learning, exploring, and trying out countless different styles of writing and presenting.  I've discovered a true fondness for free format poetry and spoken word. Producing over 100 completed pieces, I've put together two related collections and have since published the first book. 

Titled 'The Missing Sock", this 20 page book features parts 1 and 3 of my first series. Part one: Misanthropy, and Part 3: The art of losing love. My upcoming book "The Missing Sock II" (expected early 2020) will feature parts 2 and 4  and complete the series. Part two: The art of  being in love  and Part four: The unvarnished truth. 


I have very much enjoyed my journey through the different branches of art and literature. I feel intense optimism for the success of my career over the years to come, and I hope this message inside me that has been aggressively clawing it's way to the surface is clearly translated. I want to extend a sincere and heartfelt acknowledgement of thanks to everyone who has shown their support. It is entirely your doing so that has been my drive to continue testing my limits and never stop growing as an artist and a writer. 

I look forward to sharing anything I create with you,!